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Dental foci search - identifying hidden health problems

Foci search,
dental foci

A focal infection is a process in which various bacteria and their toxic substances – originating from a local inflammation in any part of the body – pass to other, more remote areas of the body and make other organs ill. The local inflammation is the focus itself and the disease caused by the inflammation is the focal infection. We can suspect a focal infection if we cannot find the direct cause of an organ disease.

The role of 3D CBCT in identifying dental foci

Dental Cone Beam Computer Tomography or CBCT. It is a digital radiographic imaging method that can be used to examine a patient’s bone structure, the condition of the teeth and the surrounding tissues digitally, in three dimensions. For this reason CBCT is the most advanced diagnostic tool in the field of oral surgery, dentistry, implantology, maxillofacial surgery and otolaryngology.

Do not risk further health problems, have a dental foci search as soon as possible.

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  • Our medical experts help you in an exclusive environment in the heart of the city centre.
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  • A CityDent Implantology Center and Aesthetic Dentistry has the most advanced technical achievements.
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CBCT Budapest, Fogászati góckutatás

What should you know about dental CBCT?

Due to the fact that the X-rays are concentrated in a relatively small area and as a result of digital technology, the radiation emitted during dental CBCT imaging – even in case of a complete facial CT – is only one-tenth of the radiation dose of a CT scan used in conventional radiology. In addition, careful protection and the use of lead aprons can minimise radiation exposure.

A CT scan is made by a qualified diagnostic assistant. All metal objects, jewelry, glasses must be removed before the image is taken because X-rays are scattered by metal objects and the image will be inaccurate and uninterpretable. The examination takes approximately half a minute, during which time the patient must remain in a stable fixed standing position. Patients can get their images on a DVD or via email so they can easily download and view them at home. Also, if we know the email address of the patient’s dentist, the images can be easily forwarded to the dentist’s office.

3D CBCT: 23.900 HUF

Dental foci

A dental focus is a generally asymptomatic chronic inflammation from which various bacteria and their toxic substances pass to other, more remote areas of the body through blood and lymphatic circulation.

The most common way when our immune cells developing against pathogenic antigens also react with our own cells. It is a kind of autoimmune reaction when the body attacks its own cells due to the toxins of the bacteria. Another method of formation is when the antigens of the pathogen act as so-called super antigens and can activate extreme amounts of T-cells in a short period of time. This high influx of TNF-alpha leads to shock with high fever and intravascular coagulation.

Foci of endodontic origin. In this case the tooth dies and the bacteria multiply in the tissue debris inside the tooth then they deliver their toxins into the bone tissue around the tooth. Another typical case is when tiny portions of the canal are left unfilled after a root canal treatment so bacteria can also easily multiply there and they flood the tissue around the tooth with their toxins. Another large group is the foci of padontal origin. Examples include chronic gingivitis or focal infections developing from chronic gum disease. The third type is the purulent abscess developing around an impacted tooth, typically around the wisdom tooth. A very similar disease is an infection around the root that remains after a tooth extraction. In rare cases inflammation may occur around implants.

In cardiovascular involvement infectious endocarditis (myocarditis) develops. Skin complaints, hair loss, psoriasis, eczema. Inflammation of the renal pelvis. Liver abscess. Eyes can be infected and imflammed easily and very often, but research has also found dental foci of the respiratory and the nervous system. However, the most common ones are the musculoskeletal disorders including mainly joint pains.

Generally speaking, these diseases disappear almost without delay as the underlying cause, in this case the dental focus, is treated. Therefore, it is very important that you check the condition of your teeth with your dentist at regular intervals and make sure that you do not have a dental focus, even with the help of a CBCT scan.

It is also important to know that many surgeries are not performed as long as any focus is present in the body. There is no transplantation, heart valve surgery, prosthesis implantation, but even with a smooth anesthesia complications can occur if we have a dental focus.

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